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This is a challenge, not a competition xD lol <3  In this challenge, I write about a dysfunctional relationship between a monster man and a human female :D! And so the challenge here is to draw or paint (traditionally or digitally) this monster and human couple based on the story you read :D!!! Good Luck to whoever attempts this difficult feat Q___Q <333 (PS: You can make him more monstrous if you want, as long as he's still sexy ^_~). (IMPORTANT: Digital Art, and anything else is allowed if you plan to post this in the Married-To-Darkness group).

A Quick Note for iCreateMonsterPhases group members:

If anyone attempts this challenge, but wishes for their creation it to be posted in iCreateMonsterPhases, then it needs to be traditionally hand drawn or painted and etc (No digital art if you want it posted in iCreateMonsterPhases).  And the guy MUST be very scary or frightening to an extent that he would qualify as a monster/ dark creature (so in our case, put more emphasis on the monster, and less on the sexy XD and kudos to the person who can pull off a guy who is both SUPER monstrous and super sexy at the exact same time XD <333!! You deserve a medal if you can pull that off >.<!!) 

The Love Story

A beautiful man, both fair and tall, slender in height, and easy on the eyes.  His waist length hair is as dark as raven sky with the blackest of inks and tinted with gold.  His beauty is unmatched with eyes of winter mint evergreen and lips whose color are that of the softest blush of winter rose.  His nose is perfection that goes with his fair complexion.  He is the beauty of the forest in deepest winter, a king of his own, and yet . . . he is not human.   In this drawing painting (whichever way you decide to traditionally do this), he is shirtless, with hair spilling around him in a wild untamed but extremely sexy way.  He is beautiful and human beyond imagination and yet, his hands ends with razor sharp claws.  Int his drawing/painting, he is raising one of his claw like hands gently up in the direction of the viewer, grinning the most darkest most sexiest smile ever ^_~ And on his back are attached very large and very tall fur like wings of darkened black. And at the tip of each top corner is a claw like hook, and at the end of the tail, another claw like hook. One of the wings are slightly folded while the other is slightly open, though barely.  Remember, he is shirtless, and has well toned muscles, and is extremely sexy when he is shirtless ^_~ But his pants are black slacks, that end at his ankles.  His feet are bare but as the viewer, we can see his toe nails look like claws as well. Everything I just told you, is what the man looks like.

The girl is the complete opposite of him.  She is warm and fragile. Petite in body size, and yet, strong in nature.  She will oppose him and all who threaten her freedom.  He loves her, but wishes to dominate her against her will.  He will do whatever it takes to force her to be his. And so, in this scene they are arguing. He is holding her prisoner in his arms, has grabbed her arms, forcing her to stand before him.  She is frail in vision, but spirited in mind. More than anything in the world, he longs for her to fear him. But to his dismay, no matter what he does, she will never fear him.  And so, this angers him.  All living things in this world fear him, and yet, she does not. He wishes to punish her for daring not to fear him, and yet, he cannot.  He cannot bare to harm such breath taking beauty as this. (Here is where the girls description comes in, and PLEASE remember this:: She is NOT naked, she is wearing a beautiful silk dress, you can design the white silk dress any way you like :D).  She has honey gold hair that spilled freely around her shoulder and slightly below her arms. Her hair is mesmerizing, a true vision of honey gold tinted with light reflected by the moon light. It is very bright, and the moon a deep shade of red as it stands high in the sky.  And yet, even in the midst of this darkness, her eyes shine with such wondrous light, a crystal Ember Rose colored eyes that sparkle in the night. With skin whose color is the shade of perfect pink and lips the deepest red of ruby rose. Her face is that of an innocent, both pure and untouched, trapped within his world of darkness. He becomes lost in the light of her eyes, condemned for all eternity to become a prisoner to her will, so fair is her innocence and beauty.  Her very spirit calls out to him, no matter how much she defies him. He knows that it does, he can feel it in the air as she struggles in his arms.  He will never let her go no matter what she does.  He is obsessed with her and longs to become her mate, to make her his for all eternity.  But most of all, the deepest most darkest temptation, is that he longs to take her innocence away, to brand her as his own.  So much innocence behind this wall of fire she erects. Her face is that of an angel, but equipped with the words of devils. But none of that matters anymore . . . she would be his regardless of her will . . . he would see to it personally that the only man that she ever laid eyes upon would be him and only him . . . and should any other male dare to take her away from him . . . then he would make them suffer like no other creature has ever suffered.

VERY IMPORTANT WARNING !! xD <3 Blood and gore are NOT allowed ^_~

PS: His hair is streaked with gold <3

2nd PS:  His hands end in a mixture of blackening claws with razor sharp tips the make a person's stomach do back flips from fear.
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Group Info

This is a group for anyone who is into the whole "darkness and light" couple/ union theme :D Your art, whether it be digital or hand draw and etc (anything goes) will be accepted as long as it depicts or shows a human (male or female) being married (or just with) a monster or creature of darkness (male or female)! I am curious if there are other artists out there who draw unions/couples between light and darkness :D (Fans of our group are welcome to join as well ^^)

PS: I make exceptions if the human, for example, has a tail, or wing, or horns, while being next to their monster/ dark creature partner :)
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May 18, 2012


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Art Collection

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Submission Guidelines

-Must be medium or high quality level art work <3

-Whatever you submit MUST have a couple in it (follow the names of all the categories, there's a folder for every good/evil dark/light couple possible out there! SO see which folder fits your couple :3) Also, if you have normal regular couples, then we have a folder for that too (if you try to submit a centaur human couple to the Beast section, he had better have razor sharp fangs and claws xD lol <3 !!!! Otherwise, he's going into the Normal Couples folder >.<) And last but not least, if you have an epic looking art piece that depicts an IMPOSSIBLE couple (sacrifices, war enemies, sworn enemies that you KNOW will end up killing each other or end in divorce) I have a folder JUST for that too :D <333

-Is blood allowed in this group? Yes, SOME blood is allowed, but ONLY some. And it has to be purposeful blood (the blood in the artwork MUST add to the romantic message your trying to portray in your art work) if it isnt doing this, and has just been added there randomly with no purpose, then it has no romantic purpose. Also, if you submit a super bloody art piece that has way too much blood, it WILL be denied <3

-Absolutely NO gore is allowed in this group! (I will enforce this strictly >.<)

-No Cussing (How can you possibly think cussing is romantic?)

-Last and most important rule! Are sexual provocative art allowed in this group? Yes, sexual art that is romantic is VERY much allowed and I have a folder for that too ^_~ However, I've often noticed that people on deviant art have become confused on what the difference between pornography and sexual intercourse is when it comes to art . . . so allow me to clarify what i think "constitutes" as pornography in THIS group (Im speaking ONLY of the rules in MY group! (Very important to read this, because these are the things i will NOT allow in here).

Pornography - bondage (I will make exceptions if it isn't offensive and has a romantic quality about it), over exaggeration of male organs going into the female, huge boobs, and cotton candy going all over the place XD! THIS is porn based art (calling someone's art "porn" where they have expertly drawn two people making sweet love in a romantic loving way without ANY of the qualities above is YOUR opinion! Drawing two naked people making love in an artful talented way is NOT porn (that is my opinion ^_^) <3

Here is a few examples of what is acceptable in this group as far as sex scenes are concerned: These two pieces are non-pornographic, romantic love scenes ^_^ <333







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